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We cover a  little bit about us. Roof Insulation Cape Town offers guaranteed products and guaranteed service. Our proud history with honest pricing and guaranteed workmanship has made it possible for the luxury of almost 25% referral rate.

Our Cost of Isotherm Insulation, as well as our that of Aerolite insulation, is the best price in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. We buy in bulk volumes so you save.

Roof Insulation Cape Town is Proud installers and distributors of quality insulation products. With many years of experience between the branches, we are probably the most qualified installers in the country.

Of all the insulation products on the market worldwide we have carefully selected only two products. As they are the tried and tested insulation products that we would like to be associated with.

In fact, both the Isotherm Insulation as well as the Aerolite Insulation products are roll form insulation. Roof Insulation Cape Town has more than 30 years of experience in the Roof Insulation Industry.

Roof Insulation Products

Aerolite is still one of the best Roof Insulation products used worldwide. In Europe and most first world countries, the Aerolite Insulation is very popular not only for the benefits that the Insulation gives as an energy saving product. However one of the best features of this Ceiling Insulation product is the fire rating. The fire rating is Class A/1 this means that Aerolite will not burn.

Isotherm is a polyester type insulation product that is dust free and allergy free. This Roof Insulation product is also SANS compliant and SABS approved. Of all the polyester Insulation products the Isotherm is without a doubt the best of them all.