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The Think Pink Aerolite insulation has been in existence for over 90 years. Many of the older generation will remember the old adverts with the pink cat. Think pink aerolite has been a favourite for years. As the product is manufacture from 80% recycled glass it is regarded as a Eco friendly ceiling insulation.

As we know Think Pink is not only a great thermal insulation for roofs. In fact the insulation has also got great acoustic properties as well.

Think Pink Aerolite Insulation

As probably the most commercially sold ceiling and roof insulation product in the world. The think pink has undoubtedly been one of the most successful insulation brands in the world.As Aerolite installers we have install this insulation in thousands of homes over the years.

One can’t even try and image the energy savings world wide with this insulation. Aerolite will reduce the heat flow into the home via the ceiling in summer by up to 90%. This in turn will make the home cooler by 4 to 10 degrees. Saving hugely on cooling costs as in most cases cooling will not be needed.

In fact in winter the Aerolite think pink will keep the warm air in the home from escaping through the roof. This will result in less heating in the home as the warm will not be lost into the ceiling space. Once again this is saving energy.

Saving energy i simple terms is you saving money.Saving money for 25 years of the Aerolite life span is great. In fact for a small investment the cost of Think Pink Aerolite will be recovered in three years. Therfore giving you many years of maintenance free savings.