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Aerolite ceiling insulation is always fitted in the ceiling space of the home. In fact, Aerolite Insulation should never be fitted directly to the roof as there will be no benefit. Even in loft room application, we fit directly to the ceiling and side walls. Insulating the roof would mean losing all your winter warmth. Beat the summer heat with Aerolite Insulation. And beat the winter chill with Aerolite Ceiling Insulation.

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

The Aerolite ceiling insulation must be installed directly onto the ceiling. In fact, there must be no gaps and the ceiling insulation must be installed end to end in the ceiling. The benefits of installing Aerolite ceiling insulation in this way are great.

The Aerolite must never be laid over the beams as we see some contractors install. This is wrong and will result in a hotter home in summer. And therefore a colder home in winter.

The Aerolite ceiling insulation must always be cut wider than the beams. This will give a tight fit and will reduce the heat flow up or down substantially. This is exactly what you want. A cooler home in summer. And of course warmer home in winter. In fact, the energy saving alone will pay for the insulation in a few years. In fact, Aerolite has a 25 to 30-year lifespan.

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation Benefitssave energy with aerolite ceiling insulation

Saving energy is the biggest benefit of insulation. In SA our energy crisis has forced our electricity prices higher every few months. In fact, homes with the correct thickness insulation will not only save energy. Homes will be far more comfortable all year round. Therefore reducing the need for costly heating or cooling options.

All Ceiling insulation products must be SANS compliant. As a result, nationally South African are save huge amounts of energy.

  • Cool in summer
  • Warm in winter
  • Save energy
  • Do the right thing. Insulate and let’s go green

Ceiling insulation for roofs is not a luxury. In fact, ceiling insulation is essential in all homes. And In fact, all homes built after January 2013 will have Aerolite Insulation Installed as per the new SANS legislation.

Why Roll For Insulation?

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

Well, roll form insulation is not like the loose dust paper so it does not shift with the wind. Roll form insulation will allow the roof leaks or geyser leaks to flow through the insulation. The benefit of this is that you know you have a leak and you can attend to it. And because roll type insulation doesn’t blow in the roof like dust type insulation you will get years of benefits. The added benefit is that roll form is a specific thickness and blow in fine paper dust is a guess as to the thickness. In fact, Aerolite has great thermal insulation properties.