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As Aerolite installers for the last 30 years we take pride in our work. It is extremely import to use qualified aerolite installers as there are many roof hazards for unqualified installers. We are professional insulation installers.

Roof Insulation Western Cape have teams of installers in most major cities in South Africa. For the nearest Aerolite installers to you, drop us a mail and we will get you covered.  With comprehensive insurance in the case of a problem you can have peace of mind. In fact in 30 years we have never had a claim as our installers farewell trained.

Profesional Aerolite Installers

aerolite installers

Professional Aerolite installers have been well trained so you have no hassle. All our installers go through rigorous training. In fact most of our installers have insulated in excess of 3000 homes. The insulation team arrive with a supervisor in every team.

The supervisor is not an installer he is there for your peace of mind and to inspect the work on completion. We do not send installers to your home without supervision.

The insulation will be installed correctly. Therefore you will benefit from this for many years. In fact insulation not installed correctly is a waste of money. Our Aerolite installers are trained to install insulation to the highest standard.

Hazards of Using Unskilled Aerolite Installers

Hot and cold water pipes are copper pipes can easily break as they are very thin walled. Secondly many DIY installer has fallen foul of water pipes. In fact the ceiling damage can sometimes be quite costly.

In fact another costly issue is ceiling damage installers are well trained in all ceiling types. The other problem is Down Lights these must always have breathing holes. Insulation incorrectly installed is a waste of money as you will not get the desired benefits.

For A branch near you fill in our contact for and we will contact you. For Aerolite Specifications read this page.