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The Aerolite price list is a guide to what the prices are at the time of publishing. The Price of Aerolite products can and will change without notice. This is a guide to current prices at the time of posting.

For registered contractor or developer price on special projects give us a call or send a quote request.

Aerolite Price List



      Roll Size


   Roll Dimension

      Metres/Roll   R-Value + Roof

       & Ceiling



        50 mm          10 x 1.2             12      1.25 + .40        R  282.78
        75 mm          8 x 1.2             9.6       1.88 + .40         R 321.86
       100 mm          6 x 1.2            7.2       2.50 + .40         R 295.98
       100 mm         8 x 1.2            9.6      2.50 + .40          NA
       135 mm        5 x 1.2            6.0       3.38 + .40          R 337.20

Aerolite price list is based on prices per roll.  Please note the 100 mm rolls come in two sizes.aerolite price list

Cost of Aerolite

The cost of Aerolite is very reasonable when compared to most insulation products of the same quality. In fact, Aerolite will last 15 to 25 years. So when one takes this into account the Price of Aerolite is very low. Large stock holding will mean big savings for our clients.  The best Aerolite prices are what all consumers are looking for at this time in this economy.

Aerolite Price List of Best Insulation

For the best Aerolite price list give us a call or complete our contact form. Aerolite has the best fire rating of all ceiling insulation products. In fact read more on the technical specifications page. Aerolite 135mm has an NRC of 1.1 this is great for sound proofing.

In fact, we use this product to sound proof night clubs. The fact is in homes Aerolite will reduce noise pollution when living on busy roads. The Aerolite will also prevent noisy neighbors substantially. Save money when you buy direct.

Cost of Insulation a Home

This question is often asked. What is the average home cost to insulate? Well, how long is a peace of string? There is no average price, unfortunately, as average means something totally different to all of us. If you need to know the cost of insulation for your home give us a call or drop us a quote request. And we will contact you with Aerolite prices. In fact, the 135mm Aerolite is SANS compliant for Cape Town.

We will be more than happy to come out and measure up your home. Alternately give the plan measurements as we work of floor plan measurements. The cost of insulating homes is very reasonable when compared with energy saving. In fact, it has been said that in most cases the cost of insulating your home will be recovered in two to three years. Thereafter giving you years of benefits.

Roof insulation is not a gimmick. Roof insulation is a real energy saving to home owners as well as businesses.

How Much Can I Save With Insulation?

This is the golden question. Just take a look at industrial manufacturing plant like Koeberg etc. They spend millions on insulation. Why would these plants spend so much on insulation if it might save on energy? The reality is that if they don’t we would pay a lot more for our energy.

All food manufacturing plants are well insulated with the highest grade insulation and very high-density products. If they did not do this our food prices would be more than triple.

How much can you save with Roof insulation? The truth is you can save plenty. The cost is recovered in two or three years you will have years of saving. As well as years of comfort. Cooler in summer. Warmer in Winter at no extra cost. The best financial investment for your home.

Are Roof Insulation Products More Expensive in South Africa?

In fact, this is not true. Roof Insulation products in South Africa are very well price and in most cases are volume based. Therefore companies like ourselves that buy in massive bulk are able to help you save. Our insulation prices are the best in the country.