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Contact us for all your Roof Insulation requirements. We at Roof Insulation import Ceiling Insulation products as well as local Insulation products like Isotherm Insulation and Aerolite Insulation.

Contact Us For These Products and Services.

  • Isotherm Insulation for Roofs Ceilings as well as walls. To reduce the effect of summer heat and winter chill.
  • Aerolite Think Pink Insulation for roofs and ceilings. Also reducing the effect of summer heat and winter chill.
  • Roof Vacuum service to remove Cellulose fibre insulation or the removal of roof dust.
  • Loft room Insulation. We specialise in this form of roof insulation.
  • Under floor insulation to make homes warmer in winter.
  • Information on insulation products
  • Energylite insulation products for acoustics as well as wall insulation.

Isotherm Insulation is a polyester type Roof Insulation product. Recommended R-value for the Western Cape is 3.70 and this is achieved will achieve this R-value with Isotherm 145mm thick. Isotherm is green in colour and is dust free and allergy free. Isotherm Roof Insulation has a 30 year manufacturer guarantee.

Aerolite Roof Insulation is a fibreglass insulation product. Think Pink Aerolite as it is know is pink in colour. Aerolite has a 15 to 25 year life span. Aerolite insulation has a class 1 fire rating.