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Geyser Insulation commonly known as geyser blank is a very important part in saving energy. A Geyser blanket fitted to

Geyser Insulation

Geyser Insulation

your geyser will help. Most Geyser blankets are either Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite insulation wrapped around the Geyser as the ideal Geyser Blanket retain the heat in the geyser and save you money. The recommend thickness for geyser insulation is between 100mm and 135mm aerolite insulation. It is ideal to wrap geyser insulation on all geysers. It is a known fact that the geyser in a home will draw more electricity than most other appliances. When insulated with 135mm geyser insulation the heat loss will change dramatically. This will dramatically reduce the heat loss in your geyser. Another very important area of heat and energy loss is the hot water pipes in your home.  If all hot water pipes in your roof are wrapped with insulation.

Insulating your Geyser will save Money

In fact this will retain the hot water in the pipes for longer periods and help you lose less hot water on start up. You will always find depending on how far the geyser is from the hot water tap that is running it will take some time for the hot water to reach this area. Once the pips are insulated you will use less of the hot water from your geyser to do this.

Geyser Insulation saves energy.

For a small investment the Insulation will save you money and pay for itself in 2 to 3 years. Geyser Insulation is simple to fit and will cost less the R 850  for most geysers.

Save energy by wrapping your geyser with insulation is a very important part of saving money and saving energy. An insulated geyser will reduce heat loss substantially saving money reducing energy loss and saving money.

In fact the Isotherm Geyser Blanket 145mm thick commercial Geyser Blanket R-value 3.70.

Aerolite Geyser Blanket 135mm Aerolite thick Geyser Blanket R-value 3.70

In fact with the new legislation it is now compulsory for all homes to be insulated as well as all geysers.