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Geyser Pipe Insulation together with a proper geyser blanket will save loads of energy in the home. Hot Water Geysers consume up to 25% of the average homes energy consumption. Please note commercially bought geyser blankets are an absolute waste of money. Insulating your hot water geyser pipes will help keep the water in the pipes for longer. Geyser pipe insulation is a great advantage.

Geyser Pipe Insulation

Our geyser pipe insulation that we install are snap lock foam pipes that reduce the energy loss substantially. In fact many home owners install these pipe sections to the cold water taps as well. This helps reduce the heat that builds up in the pipes during the hot summer months. In fact in some cases running the cold water tap can burn young children and even adults on very hot days.

Insulating these pipes for both winter and summer will reduce energy loss as well as water consumption.