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How Aerolite should be installed is critical. If you are not using the services of a professional Aerolite installer you are taking a Chance. Ask your installer for testimonials of work done.

Find out how long he has been in the industry. Mostly by a professional insulation installer that knows how to install correctly. Furthermore Roof insulation must be cut to fit snugly between the beams and the insulation must be fitted on the low sections as well.  Roof Insulation must cover all internal walls and seal the air flow from above from the ceiling.

Electrical Wires

how aerolite should be installed

In fact very importantly all wire were possible must be above the insulation. The fact is if this is not done and the electrician works in your roof all the insulation will be disturbed. You do not want this to happen.

This is also safer if ever you have electrical problems on your DB board at least the wiring is accesable.

In fact we have often heard that our insulation doesn’t work anymore. Oninspectiojn we find that over the years electricians have had to lift the Aerolite to reach the wires and have not replaced this agin afterwards.

How Aerolite should be installed

In fact cutting the Aerolite short to save a few rand will be a big mistake as heat pressure will get underneath the insulation. This will make the home even hotter, SO BE SURE SEAL CORRECTLY

In fact South Africa has been divided into zones, for which there is a designated an R-value. PLEASE be sure to install the correct thickness. The correct R-value as per the Sans legislation for your area must be installed. All Roof insulation rolls will be marked with the thickness. As well as the standard R-value before roof and ceiling are taken into consideration. But also remember Roof Insulation must not cover down lights. Make sure that your contractor knows what the issues with down lights Ceiling Insulation should be installed on the ceiling make sure it is a tight sea