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When we think of insulation we think of keeping things warm with Think Pink Aerolite. Insulation is not just about keeping things warm but it is also keeping things cool and not allowing them to get warm. Aerolite is an insulation product that does just that and in the harsh South African summers, it is a powerful weapon against the heat. So How Aerolite works is simple as discussed below.

How Aerolite Works

Aerolite is installed in the loft or roof space of a home or property. The specially manufactured insulation product fills all the cracks, gaps, and holes that allow warm air to escape. It is quite literally a blanket that makes your home cozy and comfortable all year round.

The practice of insulating roof spaces is not new; in centuries past the benefits of layering straw or even feathers was a well-known winter warmer and summer cooler. Aerolite just takes insulation to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. The insulation is non-combustible and safe to use in any home. It has none of the harmful health effects that one might expect and is, therefore, a family friendly insulation product.

How Aerolite Works in Your Home

How Aerolite works by slowing down the naturally occurring heat exchange process from the higher outdoor air temperature to the lower indoor, and vice versa. Aerolite acts as an insulation barrier keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The product is extremely effective and reduces heat penetration by a staggering 87% creating a soothing and comforting 5 degree Celsius difference in temperature. On a baking hot South African day, 5 degrees is a huge difference. This 5-degree difference and the effective use of Aerolite insulation also brings a considerable cost saving on electricity use. Because the home is well-insulated appliances such as air conditioning, fans and heaters are used less, and when they are used they are more efficient. The lower and more efficient use means less electricity is used and your bill is reduced. This reduction in use is also good for the environment.

How Aerolite Works in Summer

Summers in South Africa are getting hotter and with global warming, this looks set to get worse for the time being at least. Aerolite makes a superb investment right now and installing the simple, clever insulation product will leave you smiling. Not only does Aerolite save you money but the by controlling the climate in your home and helping maintain a more moderate temperature all round you are happier. Aerolite is extremely affordable and is quick to install, once installed the benefits are almost instant. The investment in roof insulation will pay off quickly and you will wonder why you never installed it sooner. How Aerolite works is the Aerolite will reduce the heat flow in or out of the home.

Aerolite is SABS approved and is perfectly safe for any home. The use of aerolite is natural; it requires little maintenance only needing to be replaced every few years. Your family will thank you for installing this marvelous and effective heating and cooling solution and you will never look back. It may only be a 5-degree difference in warmth or coolness that you create but that 5 degrees is something magical. Be sure to install the 135mm Aerolite to get the best result on how Aerolite works. The 135mm Aerolite is SANS compliant as per new SANS legislation with the R-value 3.70 for the Western Cape. Check the Aerolite specifications to be sure of the correct thickness Aerolite for your area.