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Isofoil Factory Insulation

Isofoil Factory Insulation

Isofoil Factory Insulation

Isofoil factory insulation is a product manufactured by laminating Isotherm Insulation to a Foil or Craft backing. By using a non flammable glue. It is also a dust free application as the product itself does not create dust. The process of laminating is by using Isotherm Insulation and laminating this product to a foil. The adhesive that will be used is a fire resistant adhesive. So that the product can retain its fire retardant rating.

Isotherm factory insulation is laminated in-house by Roof Insulation Western Cape, we do our own laminating in-house.

        What are the ideal uses for Isotherm Factory Insulation?

  • Isofoil Factory Insulation can be fitted into the garage of your home that has no ceiling to reduce the temperature in summer and improve the temperature in winter. The Isofoil is laid directly against the roof and  is supported with wire strainers.
  • This product is generally used for factory roofs, and any applications were and exposed metal sheeting or asbestos sheeting or even just plain tiles are exposed without the ceiling below. These buildings become extremely hot with the radiant heat reflecting from the the downwards and freezing cold in winter as the roof radiates the cold air in the building.

              How will the insulation make a difference?

  • Insulation by its nature is designed to stop heat from flowing through the roof as it rises and to stop the radiant heat that radiates hot air into the building. this makes a much more controlled temperature environment.                              
  • The advantage of fitting isofoil factory insulation to these roof types is that one can have a remarkable difference in temperature is insulation will be fitted directly to the underside of the roof. Not only does this Isofoil factory insulation make the roof area look very neat it is very effective at reducing the heat flow through the roof.
  • Not only does this insulation make a great difference in temperature in summer but in winter as well. Isofoil factory insulation is designed to reduce the heat flow in or out over the roof area.
  • Isofoil been very popular for use in garages as most garages in South Africa do not have ceilings the garage area is Unbearable in summer but they are generally freezing cold winter as well.
  • Isofoil insulation is very effective in the working environments reduces as it controls the  heat flow in the working environment of the building. This makes for a comfortable working environment for people working in the factory, In fact most Hyper stores will have this type of insulation fitted to their roofs at the building stage.
  • However on existing buildings we still have methods that we install this insulation as a retrofit to most factories at garages or barns.
  • Isofoil Insulation has great Thermal Insulation properties.


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