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Isofoil Insulation

Isofoil Insulation is a factory type insulation supplied to be fitted directly under the roof sheeting of a warehouse or hyper store. These buildings because they generally don’t have ceilings allow a substantial amount of heat in. This becomes a big problem as the heat makes this a very uncomfortable work environment. The use of air conditioners is not an option as it is impossible in most of these building types to have much of an improvement.

In many cases even perishable stock and other products that cant with stand  higher temperatures can also be damaged or ruined. So of these type of warehouse factory units have resorted to installing extractor units, these will remove some of the trapped heat but unfortunately will be no answer for the radiant heat that is radiating from the roof.


Isofoil insulation  is Isotherm insulation laminated to foil or craft paper. This application means that the foil is used as a carrier for the insulation. The Isofoil  (Isotherm and foil laminated) is then fitted to the underside of the roof directly against the sheeting. Wire strainers are then fitted at 200mm apart and they will hold the Isofoil insulation in position. With the Isofoil fitted in this manner it will reduce the heat flow substantially making the factory far more comfortable. This Insulation has fantastic Thermal properties and is great to use in many different types of applications. Roof Insulation Cape Town are Isotherm Insulation distributors and installers for the entire  Western Cape region.

Manufactured in a number of thicknesses the 50mml, 75mm , 100mm l as well as the Sans compliant 145mm. We have this manufactured in both the 1200mm wide as well as 1500 wide for both size beams. All products are laminated with a 50mm overlap on one side

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