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Isotherm ceiling insulation is laid flat on the ceiling from inside the roof space. How this works is that we would prepare the roll sizes in advance for most homes. In fact by the roof type we will know what width roll to have on site.

Sheeting roofs we will mostly use the 1200 mm rolls. For tiled roofs on the other otherhand we would use the 750 mm wide. This makes the application nice and simple with no dust or fuss with Isotherm Insulation.

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

As mentioned above this application is that we would lay the insulation flat on the ceiling. It is pointless insulating the roof pitch in these applications as energy would then be wasted. In fact the Isotherm ceiling insulation must be laid tightly between the beams.

This will block the heat in the roof space from entering the home. In fact up to 90% of the heat flow will be reduced. The Isotherm ceiling insulation must cover the entire ceiling from end to end. This will give the best benefit as the thermal properties are great.

The isotherm ceiling insulation Must never be laid over the beams. This will in fact make the home hotter in summer and colder in winter.

Down Light Hazards

Never cover down lights with any type of insulation. This could potentially cause a fire in the home. Remember when down light are fitted there is no control of were the holes for these will end up. At the holes are across a wooden baton. In other cases they are directly under the main beams.

Some downlight will reach temperatures of up to 270 degrees. If insulation is installed over these there is no place for the heat to escape. This could then cause the downlight to ignite the timber. Fortunately the insulation can’t burn but wood can burn.

Downlight Breathing Holes

All down lights must have a hole around them so the heat from the light can dissipate into the roof space. Even energy saver lights that are only warm are not covered with insulation. In fact they to must have a breathing hole. Why you ask if they are energy saver and they don’t get hot. If you sell the home and the new owners mistakenly fit 40 watt down lights this could then become a serious risk

Temperature Control for homes

Therefore Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is Sans compliant and designed to be dust free and allergy free. Ideal for allergy sufferers as it is dust free. The Isotherm Insulation is manufactured locally and is regarded as one to the most eco friendly insulation. Isotherm will keep your home cool in summer by reducing the heat flow into the home by as much as 90%. In fact Isotherm will also reduce the loss of energy in the home as it keeps your home warmer in winter. Best thermal insulation for ceilings.

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation