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In fact Isotherm Polyester Insulation is one of the most eco friendly insulation products on the market today. As Isotherm Polyester insulation is manufactured from old plastic bottles (PET). This on its own is a great achievement as these plastic bottles would generally be pollution in our environment for up to 1000 years. In fact Isotherm Polyester Insulation can also be recycled as a product.

Isotherm Polyester insulation

Roof Insulation products like Isotherm Polyester Insulation will reduce the heat flow into the home. The summer and winter benefits are great. Ceiling Insulation makes perfect sense as not only South Africa. However the rest of the world is also feeling the pinch as the energy crisis pulls on the purse strings of most homes today.

In South Africa it has become compulsory for all new homes to be insulated with insulation.In fact the insulation must achieve the correct R-value specified region. In South Africa as of January 2013 it became compulsory in all new homes.

Most  homes through out Europe and the USA have had Roof insulation installed in the roof. This has been compulsory for many years now. This has been a great shift for South Africans to come on board and start conserving energy.

In South Africa we should have started this process many years ago, this would have helped us substantially with the current energy crisis as well as load shedding that has effected our economy in a big way. Insulation will reduce energy consumption in this way saving you money.