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In fact Pink Aerolite to reduce noise pollution has been an absolute winner. Aerolite has always been one of the favourite Insulation products to help home owners with noise pollution. Noise pollution can be reduced when installing Think Pink Aerolite correctly. One point to remember is that all insulation must be installed correctly to achieve the benefit that you need.

Aerolite Benefits For Floor Insulation

Think Pink Aerolite is great as Roof Insulation or for reducing noise flow and Sound Proofing. Many requests for insulating between floors to reduce the level of sound. From travelling between upper and lower floors in the home. In most cases as a retro fit this is quite difficult as floors and ceiling are in place. The ideal time to insulate floors is before floors and ceilings are fitted.

Sondor rubber applied to each main beam to reduce the impact of wooden floors directly fitted to main beams. Ideally two layers of 135mm Think Pink Aerolite should be installed. Especially in this application and fitted very tightly between the beams. This application will reduce noise flow and make the room far more comfortable with regards noise pollution.

The ideal application would be to fit the ceiling in such a way. That no part of the ceiling is making contact the beams.  This can cause a sound transference a problem if the ceiling and beams are connected directly.

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

Think Pink Aerolite Ceiling Insulation is also great to reduce summer heat flow into the home. As well as winter air flow out of the home. Insulating with Aerolite Ceiling Insulation will not only add value to your home. You will have many years of comfort and pleasure while keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

It is estimated that a Insulated home will pay for the Ceiling Insulation in 2 to 3 years. And this is on energy saving alone.

Pink Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

In fact Insulation for homes must be fitted on the ceiling. However in factories we would fit the Aerolite directly to the roof pitch. In factory spaces there is no ceiling. The Roof Insulation product that is used is Factorylite. The Aerolite laminated to foil. The foil is merely a carrier.

What is the Price Of Aerolite

The Aerolite prices are discussed in detail on our Aerolite price list. We are confident that our cost of Aerolite is the best in SA. Our large stock holdings of all roof insulation products. We understand that costs of products in SA are general expensive. However because our insulation products are manufactured locally our insulation price are much cheaper.