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If you are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a comfortable and even temperature in your home. You should probably start looking for new insulation. However, it is important that you know exactly what to look at before you get started. R-value is a term that you will come across frequently, so you should have a clear grasp of what this means.

 What is R-value?

R-value is used to measure the resistance of heat flow through a specified thickness of a material. Essentially, the higher the insulation’s value, the greater its ability to resist heat flow. This is dependent upon the specific type of insulation being used, as well as its density and thickness.

R-value Save Energy

R-value Save Energy

       How Improper Installation Can Impact R-Value

While this is an excellent way to determine how effective insulation will be at resisting the transfer of heat, this only applies if the insulation has been installed properly. For example, if ceiling insulation is compressed during the installation process, such as when insulation sized for 145mm is stuffed into a cavity of the ceiling that is only 100mm, the value is compromised and it becomes lower. This is because you are squeezing all the air out of the insulation and it needs this amount of air in order to work how it has been designed to.

Pushing the other hand two layers of insulation together into an area that is only designed for the thickness of one layer will not increase the value. In order for the full benefits of insulation’s R-Value to be seen. It is crucial that insulation be installed correctly.

Keep in mind that even if you install insulation with a very high Value. It will not be able to work correctly if there are structural gaps or holes that allow for air leaks.

Before you buy any insulation for your home, always check the recommended thickness as per the new Sans legislation foryour home.. Manufacturers are required to identify the R-Value of insulation either on the facing or the batts are stripe coded. Remember, a higher Value is considerably more effective than a lower Rate .

Cost of Ceiling Insulation

Isotherm Insulation as well as Think Pink Aerolite COST will be recovered in a few short years. With the installation of roof Insulation achieving the correct values as per the new Sans legislation.

The Isotherm ceiling Insulation 145mm  R-value 3.70 when installed.

Aerolite 135mm  Ceiling Insulation R-value 3.70 when installed.