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Roof Insulation Cape Town Installers And Distributors of Ceiling Insulation Products Isotherm And Aerolite. Therefore if you are feeling the effects of the Summer heat. In fact in freezing in Winter we can help you. Tailor made Roof Insulation products for your home. As Insulation Installers and Distributors, we stock a wide range of Ceiling Insulation products.

Roof Insulation Cape

With branches in most major provinces, we can attend to your insulation needs. As a result our services include installing insulation and distribution. We stock the major SANS compliant Roof Insulation products. In fact Roof Insulation Cape have 30 years in the insulation industry we will have a solution for you.

Profesional Insulation Installers

Installers of Isotherm ceiling insulation as well as Aerolite insulation. Roof Insulation Cape cover the entire Western Cape. Fully supervised insulation installers so you can sit back and relax.

Isotherm Insulation a green Dust Free Allergy Free roof insulation product. One of our most popular ceiling insulation types. The Isotherm Insulation is manufacture from PET plastic bottles. Therefore the product is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly insulation products. Visit our Isotherm page for more info and technical specifications.

Aerolite Insulation often referred to as Think Pink Aerolite. In fact Aerolite has been around for many years. A fibreglass  Insulation product, manufactured from recycled glass bottles. Professionals Installers should therfore install Aerolite because of the itch factor. Visit our Aerolite page for all the info you need, including the specifications of this insulation.

Roof Vacuum service for removal of unwanted dust we have massive vacuum machines. For those who would like to get rid of their roof dust. If you have allergies or years of unwanted dust and leaves in your roof give us a call. Our Roof Vacuum page has more information about this service.

Geyser Wrap and Hot Water Pipes are a great way to save energy. When wrapping the geyser with SANS compliant insulation you will save on energy. We Insulate  Hot water pipes with flexible pipe sections.


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