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In fact Thermal Insulation is insulation that has good Thermal properties. Insulation products like the Eco-friendly Isotherm Insulation as well as the Pink Aerolite are both fantastic. All Insulation Products are designed to reduce the heat flow into the home. Importantly to reduce the heat flow out of the home as well.  The Isotherm as well as Aerolite both have awesome Thermal properties and are perfect as Ceiling Insulation.

Thermal Insulation To Reduce Heat Flow.


Important to note Insulation products like Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite insulation will both reduce the heat flow into your home. Moreover installing the 145 mm Isotherm Thermal Insulation or the 135 mm Aerolite will reduce up to 85% of heat trapped in the roof . This will prevent the heat from entering into the home through the ceiling.

In reducing the heat flow into the home. With the correct thickness of Roof Insulation it is estimated that most homes will benefit by 4 to 10 degrees.  In summer and in winter.This makes a substantial difference to the comfort in the home. Insulation must achieve the correct R-value for the region that your home is in. The correct Rvalue for the Western Cape region is 3.70 when installed.


In winter is important to retain the warm air that is in your home. Typically all hot air rises and a uninsulated roof will loose the heat. Aerolite thermal insulationThe correct Thermal Insulation will reduce the heat flow dramatically from escaping into the roof cavity area.

The home retains up to 85% of all heating and energy. Importantly it will not be sucked through the roof area and lost. Important to note that windows and doors must not allow cold air into the home.

Is Thermal Insulation Compulsory?

As a matter of fact Insulation is compulsory on all new buildings as well as homes as of January 2013. We at Roof Insulation will only Install and Distribute Eco-friendly Insulation Products. We only install Polyester Isotherm Insulation  and the Eco-friendly Pink Aerolite.

These Insulation Products are made from recycled products. The Isotherm from recycled plastic bottles and the Aerolite from recycled glass bottles.

Thermal Insulation for Roofs

  • In fact Insulation for Roofs is extremely important as a energy saving option. Not only will you save money but you will also help save the environment.
  • Thermal Insulation for Roofs has been compulsory in most parts of Europe the Usa and the Uk for many years now and it is also compulsory in South Africa now as our energy crisis looms.
  • In fact it is compulsory for all homes to have Thermal Insulation for Roofs as Compulsory as of January 2013.
  • As a matter of fact all areas have been divided into zones. Thermal Insulation for Roofs is required in new homes. Thermal Insulation for Roofs is installed to achieve the correct R-value for that region.
  • As a result Isotherm Polyester Insulation for Roofs is a very popular choice as it is one of the safest most eco-friendly Roof Insulation products on the market.
  • The other favorite is Aerolite Thermal Insulation for Roofs, manufactured from recycled glass and silica sand

Cost of Thermal Insulation for Roofs

  • there are a number of factors to determine the Cost of Thermal Insulation for Roofs.
  • Is the Installation a standard installation, is the installation a flat Roof type installation or  loft room installation etc.

Thermal Insulation Materials

  • In fact there are a number of  Insulation Materials on the market world wide.
  • In addition Isotherm is one of the market leaders in Insulation Materials. Isotherm has one of the best Thermal Insulation properties on the market. Ideal for reducing heat loss and gain in the home roof.
  • Aerolite fibreglass Insulation Materials are available in various thicknesses and is well know as a great Insulation Material for Roofs.
  • Boiler Insulation products like  rock wool are Insulation Materials manufacture for high temperature boilers operating at 500 deg.