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think green think isotherm

Therefor Think Green Think Isotherm

For one of the most Eco friendly insulation products on the market think green Think ISOTHERM. In fact is Isotherm think

green insulation eco friendly insulation. The new trend worldwide is Eco friendly and recycle.

As our planet spirals out of control with pollution on sea and on land there is hope. Isotherm insulation is green energy efficient manufactured from PET plastic bottle pollution. Think Green do the right thing. Isotherm Specification are very impressive when one considers the environment and the many years of energy saving.

Think Green Think Isotherm

Thinking green for many consumers is the new big change in many homeowners. Hopefully soon industry will soon also feel the passion on saving the planet. In fact i believe Cape Town is the country leaders thinking green more than other provinces.

We see more recycle bins in the Cape than anywhere else. Recycling is paramount if we want to save a little of our paradise for our kids.

Interesting Facts

Over 50 Billion plastic water bottles per year are sold this does not include soft drink bottles. Of this more than 80% end up in landfill sites. Enough plastic per year is thrown away to circle the earth 4 times. Of this only a meagre 5% is recycled 95% is in the ocean or on land. As much as 75% of plastic that ends up in the ocean is from the land.

The average time span for plastic bottles to biodegrade is about 450 years. Therefor thinking green is think Isotherm save energy in the process.

Isotherm Green Insulation

Think Green Think Isotherm


Isotherm is manufacture from PET plastic bottles. Now when one thinks of some of the stats above this has to make

ISOTHERM insulation one of the most Eco friendly insulation products in the world. Isotherm is green in colour soft to touch and dust free. There are no colorants or resin binders in this insulation. Our consumption on Isotherm insulation is a few tons per annum.

In fact when one considers how many tons a  year of horrid pollution is removed from landfill and the oceans this is great. In addition Isotherm green insulation will save energy in your home for an additional 30 years. The fact is this is a win win  situation.

The Isotherm Insulation will save you money.  In fact the cost of  Isotherm insulation will be recovered in 3 years. Therefore insulate and save on energy and help save the environment in two ways.