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Many people ask the Question what is Aerolite Insulation and how does it work. In fact Aerolite insulation is one of the oldest forms of roof insulation. This ceiling insulation is almost 90 years old now. In fact Aerolite insulation has evolved so many times over the years to the product that it is today.

What is Aerolite Insulation

Aerolite has been one of the most tested insulation products in the world. In fact some people even considered that Aerolite insulation contained asbestos. This is absolute rubbish. The Insulation in fact is manufactured from 80% glass bottles and 20% naturally occurring cillica sand.

Aerolite of today as manufactured in South Africa. And is a very classy product in comparison to the products of even 20 years ago.  The Aerolite is manufactured in a number of different thicknesses for consumer connivence. This helps when it comes to the Rvalue rating for South African areas. Sizes range from 50 mm to 135 mm. The 135 mm is SANS compliant for the Western Cape Region.

Benefits of Aerolite Insulation

what is aerolite insulation

Aerolite Insulation Stock

  • Reduce heat in the home
  • Warmer in winter saving energy
  • Great acoustic properties
  • Regarded as on of the best thermal insulation products
  • Save energy with the SANS compliant insulation

In fact as mentioned before insulation is now compulsory. Therefore install Aerolite with a professional and you will save on energy.

Is Aerolite Harmfull

No, Aerolite is not harmful as it is fibreglass. The product might be itchy to work with but there are no known health risks. In fact we have had our installers installing Aerolite for more than 30 years with no health problems.

Competitors are always driven by the fact that the insulation is itchy therefore harmful. When one considers products like blown in paper with a host of chemicals then e need to start worrying. We know that news print has inks and dyes as well as a host of chemicals up to 25%. From fire retardants to rat repellants and who know what else.

Aerolite ceiling insulation will outlast most homes. Save money insulate now. For the best prices on Aerolite. Or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.