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Aerolite is all about saving energy and giving you a more comfortable, energy saving home. Let us have a look at what the benefits of installing Aerolite with Roof Insulation Western Cape Pty Ltd. For technical specification read this page.

  • The most experienced, highly motivated and qualified Installers.
  • Our Aerolite Installers are well trained and fully supervised from start to finish.
  • Every job we undertake has comprehensive insurance cover. Unqualified or inexperienced workers can cause serious damage to the roof space areas
  • In fact, Roof Insulation Western Cape’s workmanship has a five-year guarantee. We take pride in our work and as a result, more than 25% of our work is referrals, making us the leading insulation provider in the Western Cape.
  • Easy for our clients to make payments with either EFT or credit card payments. Our on-site supervisors will carry credit card payment machines on site by prior arrangement.
  • We have national coverage with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Kwa-Zulu Natal. We also cover the Western Cape extensively. If you need insulation, visit our “Find an Installer” page for a branch near you.

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10 Reasons To Install Aerolite

  1. Cool in Summer with Aerolite
  2. Warm in Winter
  3. Save energy as Aerolite reduces the need for heating and cooling
  4. Best Acoustic properties  with an NRC 1.1 when 135mm Aerolite is used
  5. Aerolite has outstanding Thermal properties
  6. Aerolite will not burn and has A/1 fire prevention rating
  7. Long lifespan 20 to 25 years
  8. Reduced levels of condensation in homes
  9. SABS approved
  10. Eco-friendly, manufactured from 80% recycled glass bottles and 20% naturally occurring silica sand. Aerolite is an eco-friendly insulation product. In most cases, will outlast the lifespan of most homes.

How Aerolite Makes Your Home Cooler In Summer?

In fact, Aerolite Roof Insulation works by simply slowing down the natural exchange of heat that occurs with every building. The Think Pink forms a barrier between the warmer outside air and the cooler indoor air in summer and vice versa in winter thus moderating the air temperature inside. With insulation, your home becomes a great deal more comfortable to live in. Reducing the temperature in the home between 5 to 8 deg on a hot summers day.

Aerolite creates a natural barrier that acclimatizes the home or property and reduces the need for cooling. in fact, in most homes that have insulated with the correct thickness of Aerolite, there will be no need for additional cooling.

However, in cases where the homeowner or office needs an air-conditioner the energy savings will be substantial. This will be as a result of the insulation barrier on the ceiling. This will make the air-conditioner far more efficient. In fact, most of the modern day EnergyStar rated air-conditioning units are far more economical to run.

In fact, Think Pink, the energy savings will be substantial. It has been proven that if air-conditioning or heating is used in a home the cost of the Think Pink Aerolite will be recovered in two to three years. This is where the energy savings occur.

Once installed, with Aerolite there is an almost instant result. The harsh African sun beats down on properties and the roof and ceiling creating a heat trap. Without ceiling insulation, the heat soaks through into the rooms making living uncomfortable. Aerolite reduces heat penetration by up to 87% and a noticeable 5 to 8 degree Celsius temperature difference is felt. This means that little or no cooling will be required.

How Aerolite Makes Your Home Warmer In Winter?

In winter, the cold exterior temperature will immediately affect the temperature inside the home. This cold air will result in a cold home where more and more heating will have to be used for the family to feel comfortable.

How does this cold air get in the home you may ask?

The ceiling space of your home is where more than 35% of the cold air is generated. Your roof space is like a refrigerator in winter as the cold wind blows and the endless Cape rains pour. This is like having an air conditioner running only it is above your head allowing the cold air that is heavy to sink to the lower levels in your home.

Insulating your ceiling with Aerolite will stop the cold air entering the home. Even if you are using a heater or a fireplace warm air rises and is immediately lost to the cold ceiling and sucked into the roof space.

This is where the energy loss starts to cost money, needing more heating to give a reasonable level of comfort. It is estimated that homes using heating in winter and cooling in summer should recover the cost of Think Pink in as little as three years.

Leaking windows that do not seal properly. Seal all windows from allowing cold air into the home. This is a simple DIY task.

Gaps under your exterior doors. Fit door Rubbers at the bottom of the doors to reduce gaps or use commercially bought long doorstops. These substantially reduce the cold air entering the home.

Windows. Ensure all windows sealed correctly.

How Installing Aerolite Saves Energy And Money?

In fact, many homeowners use heating and cooling in their homes or office buildings. We know heating and cooling costs are not cheap in South Africa, due to high electricity costs. These costs continue to escalate. Our electricity is not always available as ESKOM can run out of power during the peak times when needed.

Reduce the need for energy with the correct ceiling insulation. Think Pink Aerolite works in the roof space by fitting the Think Pink Aerolite directly on the ceiling. Aerolite is not affected by the wind as it is a roll form insulation that is easily installed. Aerolite will reduce the heat flow in or out of the home by as much as 90%. improving the temperatures on very hot days by as much as 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. This reduces the need for cooling.

In winter the same occurs, however, the cold air from above is the problem so whether you are running a wood burning fire or heaters you are still burning money. Aerolite, correctly installed in the roof space retains warm air. In addition, if heating must be used you will find this will warm up the entire home as heat is not lost through the ceiling into the roof space.

This will result in lower energy consumption meaning savings for the homeowner. As mentioned above, insulated homes using heating and cooling will recover the cost of Aerolite in as little as two to three years. It is important to use the services of Professional Aerolite  Installers. Expert Roof Insulation Installers will save you time and money by doing a professional installation.

Aerolite Has Great Acoustic Properties

In fact, the 135mm Aerolite has an  NRC ( noise reduction coefficient) of 1.1.  Aerolite is one of the best soundproofing or acoustic products on the market. We have installed Aerolite in nightclubs and pubs as well as music halls for many years. The Think Pink Aerolite is far cheaper than many more expensive so-called acoustic insulation products and has been proven more effective in many applications.

Depending on your application, we have the correct size of Aerolite rolls for you. In homes with a lot of traffic noise, Aerolite is a great way to reduce these noise levels substantially. It is a fact that the roof space is where the most sound will enter the home. In some homes, people speaking in one room are heard in the next room with great clarity.

Remember if you want to soundproof your home totally there are a number of things you need to do.

Obviously, use 135mm Aerolite, in some cases, two layers would need to be installed in the establishment is playing excessively loud music.

The windows should be double-glazed preferably with the PVC framework as the aluminum allows too much sound to enter the home.

Carpeting with high-density under felt will help with the heavy bass sounds that travel low.

Lastly, heavy curtaining is required, these curtains are not over the counter products. Source heavy fabric and sew layers of further lining onto the curtains. These tips will eliminate much of all outside noise pollution.

Is Ceiling Insulation Compulsory In South Africa?

In fact, as of January 2013, all new homes must be installed with SANS approved Ceiling insulation. Most first world countries have been installing ceiling insulation as compulsory on all new homes as well as older homes.

Ceiling Insulation will reduce the need for energy consumption. The good thing about the new SANS legislation is that there is an improvement in all aspects of new homes. In fact, this legislation incorporates office blocks as well as factories.

Does Aerolite Contain Asbestos Or Harmful Chemicals?

It is a fact that Aerolite contains no asbestos and the insulation contains no harmful chemicals. Aerolite is manufactured from 80% recycled glass bottles and 20% naturally occurring silica sand. Fibers bound by a resin binder ensure Aerolite has no harmful chemicals.

Aerolite is not harmful to homeowners even though the product has a little bit of an itch factor when being installed. This does not affect the homeowner.

Our installers have been installing Aerolite ceiling insulation products for many years. Not one of our installers has ever had a medical condition resulting from Aerolite. Many insulation products manufactured pre 19th century all were asbestos based and people assumed that Aerolite contained asbestos.

All major industrial insulation products, which account for probably 80% of the world’s consumption are fiberglass-based insulation. These are high-density products or Rock wool insulation products of which none of them contain asbestos.

Down Light Hazards Installing Aerolite or Any Insulation With Unskilled Workers

In fact, the new trend in many new homes today is Down Lights. These lights have a 70mm hole drilled through the ceiling space. Planned and marked out by the contractor, there is often no consideration for the batons or beams in the roof. Many holes could be drilled through a wooden baton or under a roof beam. It is not possible to move this light 70mm left or right, as the lights would look odd and not in line.

The lights remain fitted as they are. A fire risk from a dirty roof already exists,  if leaves are getting into your roof space this could increase the danger. Older downlights were 40 0r 50 watts bulbs. These lights generate heat between 270 degrees and 350 degrees Celsius. Dry leaves and dust piling up on the lights pose a huge fire risk.

This is why professional Roof Insulation Installers come recommended. As companies that specialize in installing insulation, they are aware of this. All products must be installed with a breathing hole around the downlights.  Even though the Aerolite is noncombustible.

The danger comes in when the lights can reach high temperatures similar to cooking on a stove. If a particular downlight is drilled through a timber beam this can and will become a problem.

As the timber heats up it may ignite and combust over time. LED lighting is a perfect solution, they operate at very low temperatures and are only warm to touch. For safety reason, we never cover them in case the home is sold and the new owner decides to buy cheaper 40-watt globes.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation Benefits

In fact, Aerolite Thermal insulation for roof spaces must be laid directly on the heat source. In this case, this will be the ceiling. This will reduce the heat flow in or out of the home. Hence the name thermal insulation for the roof.  Aerolite Thermal insulation is one of the biggest factors in saving energy.

Roof Insulation Cape Town Aerolite Insulation Installers

Our Aerolite Insulation installers are well trained and fully supervised from start to finish. Installing insulation in roof spaces is something that needs to be taken seriously. As a matter of fact, any roof insulation installed incorrectly is a waste of money. Why should you use the services of qualified Aerolite Insulation Installers?

For a perfectly insulated ceiling and years of benefits, this is very important. Insulation must always be laid flat on the ceiling space. Any roof insulation laid over the beams is an absolute waste of money. Also, insulation must never be installed following the roof pitch if there is a ceiling void. In fact, this will cool the roof space down but have hardly any benefit in the home.

As with anything in our life we should always use the services of the people that know what to do. This ensures that your investment is a good one. In fact, we have many hard luck stories from clients who installed their roof insulation with a local handyman. Our response is simple when we investigate why the insulation does not work. Why not install this correctly and have years of energy saving and comfort. We would never have our motor vehicle serviced by a spare parts dealer. Why on earth install something as important as roof insulation by an amateur.

135mm Aerolite Roof Insulation

The 135mm Aerolite Insulation is the SANS compliant insulation for the Cape and Cape Town. In fact, this ceiling insulation will make the world of difference in your home. In fact, it has been proved that SANS compliant insulation will reduce the temperature in the home by 5 to 8 degrees on a hot summer day.

In the same way, this ceiling insulation will improve the temperature in the home on a cold winters day. With the use of heating or cooling insulation cost will be recovered in three years. In fact, this will then give you years of energy saving and comfort.