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Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

Beat the summer heat with Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

Beat the summer heat withIsotherm Ceiling Insulation

In fact there are a number of Ceiling Insulation Products available in South Africa. In fact the most effective products are most certainly roll form Insulation. As they are more suited for South African conditions.

From Pollution to Insulation

Insulation Products for Roofs like Eco-friendly Polyester Isotherm are one of the favourites. As a matter of fact Isotherm is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, that would mostly be pollution for up to 1000 years.

Thermal Insulation for Ceilings

Isotherm has great thermal insulation properties this makes it a dominant Insulation Product. With a 30 year manufacturer guarantee you can relax and enjoy a lifetime of comfort in your home or office.


Beat winter chill with Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

Beat winter chill with Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

Eco-friendly Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly Insulation Products for Ceilings and Roofs on the market. Safe to handle Ceiling Insulation, no loose fibers no itchy dust and no harmful chemicals or additives. Isotherm Insulation safe for children to play with and great as Thermal Insulation for ceiling and Roofs.

Ceiling Insulation that will not Burn

Isotherm Insulation is thermally bonded and does not need chemicals and additives to give short term fire retardant properties like paper Insulation types. Isotherm Ceiling Insulation has natural fire resistant properties. Fire rating class B/B 1/2

How Ceiling Insulation Works

Ceiling Insulation products like Polyester Isotherm are laid directly on the ceiling.In fact insulation must fit between the Beams covering the entire ceiling and the purlins. The Isotherm Insulation must be cut slightly wider than the main beams. So that the insulation can have a tight fit between the beams giving tight seal.

  • Remember heat in the ceiling is pressure that is hot and the idea is to keep this off the ceiling.
  • Therefore in winter the warm air In the home rises and is lost into the ceiling cavity space with correctly installed Insulation this will be reduced substantially.


So in short good Insulation for your home is well worth the money spent not only because it is the right thing to do, but because you will also save energy and reduce your monthly spend in energy.