Common Myths Around Spray Foam Insulation

Common Myths Around Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has been on the market for some time and is very useful. A lot of happy customers find it practical and affordable. However, there are still some common myths around spray foam insulation. People often fear the things they don’t understand. Also, a lot of bad press came from some very untrustworthy sources. That’s why it’s essential to find the truth; this guide will try to do so. Why would you avoid using something so helpful and efficient because of rumours and misconceptions?

What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a very efficient way to isolate a particular space. If you have air leakage in some part of your attic because you didn’t do a roof inspection before buying the house or a crack in the wall of your tool shed, spray foam insulation is a perfect way to patch it up. It’s cheap, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank. It doesn’t take much time to install, so it’s also time-efficient. It is one of the most popular ways people like to have insulation in their houses. You don’t just save money when installing it because of its price. It also saves you a lot more money by keeping the temperature inside the house the way you like it.

 One of the common myths about spray foam insulation is that it stops all pests. Alt: A mouse is on the floor.
One of the common myths about spray foam insulation is that it stops all pests.


A health hazard is one of the common myths around spray foam insulation.

Some people still believe the myth that spraying foam risks a person’s health. Even though this kind of belief was prevalent a few decades ago, now there are numerous findings and scientific works that prove otherwise. If you asked a person how spray foam causes risk, they would mention ‘toxic fumes,’ but that makes no sense. Once installed, spray foam insulation is as safe as it gets, perfect for any family. Of course, to ensure safety and that it is properly installed, you should hire professionals to do it for you.

It’s a new trend

Many people don’t know much about spray foam insulation, so they fall for one of the common myths about spray foam insulation. They haven’t heard much about it until recently, so it seems modern. Of course, it’s normal that they think that because its popularity started increasing rapidly in the last two decades. However, spray foam insulation has been around since the ’80s. Believing that it’s less than ten years old is a common myth around spray foam insulation. So, if there are people who think it’s untested just because it’s new, they are very much wrong.

It’s good against pests.

Many people tend to believe that spray foam insulation is excellent against pests. It is partially true. It’s much better against bugs than most other types of insulation. However, it’s not immune to problems. For example, rodents like rats or mice can still nest in the insulation. They can claw through it, so in that way, it’s not perfect. However, it’s excellent against all kinds of bugs. It will stop anything from bee to an ant. Also, bugs don’t like the material, so they don’t even try to nest in that type of insulation. Experts from Four Winds KSA say that many people want to use it right after moving into their new home specifically for this reason.

Open-cell type of insulation absorbs water.

There are different types of roof insulation. Many people believe that open-cell insulation will absorb all the water it gets in contact with. It’s a lot spongier and a lot more breathable than other types, so it’s natural that people will believe that. People think it will always leak, but that’s not the case. A lot depends on the manufacturer, but if it is properly installed, it can be terrific against leaks and absorbing water. So, make sure you hire professionals. With enough experience, they will properly install your insulation, and you’ll have no more worries.

A roof during a rainy day
Spray foam insulation won’t absorb all the water, but it will stop the leaking.


You don’t need professionals to install it for you.

Some people can do it alone. However, they usually already have tons of experience and are in construction. If you aren’t experienced in construction, you should hire professionals after you choose the right ceiling insulation. They know how to treat the material they will be working with. Professionals see if it’s okay to spray it without protection, at what temperature, and for how long. They also have some excellent equipment that only professionals use. They will save you a ton of time while doing the job thoroughly. Why would you risk doing the job poorly if you have a guarantee someone can do it perfectly for a reasonable price?

Open-Cell is Better Than Closed-Cell or Vice Versa

People shouldn’t pick one based on these myths about spray foam insulation. Open-cell spray foam insulation has a much lower density and is excellent for attics and walls. Closed-cell spray foam is slightly different, but it also has a great role. It’s more rigid but better for smaller spaces and is flood-resistant. One can’t be called better than the other. Think about why you need insulation, and you can go from there when making decisions.

A man working with a drill
Hiring professionals to do the job is always much more practical and far less time-consuming.


Spray foam insulation can damage your home.

Don’t believe everything you read. Some people think that using spray foam insulation means your wires, pipes, and walls will somehow sustain damage. That’s very far from true. This type of insulation is pretty beneficial to a home in many cases. It reinforces the structural integrity of the house and bursts all the common myths about spray foam insulation. If you ask roof insulation professionals to help you install it, it will be as safe as possible, with no health risks. Ask your friends, neighbours, and relatives if they have any experience with this type of insulation.



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