SoundProofing Roofs and Floors

Soundproofing Roofs

When it comes to soundproofing, soundproofing roofs is the most common as many homeowners have noisy neighbours. Sound Proofing is a very complex application, and the three main applications are Soundproofing between walls and soundproofing between floors, and finally, soundproofing the roof. In these applications, it is usually the roof space that needs to be insulated with soundproofing insulation. The fact is most noise pollution will come through the roof, so that should normally be the first step. We stock many different acoustic products for most applications. SoundProofing Roofs In the application of Soundproofing roofs, we generally insulate with two layers of Aerolite Think Pink. This product is well known for its acoustic values. A single layer of 135mm Aerolite has an NRC of 1.2. Therefore installing two layers will reduce a huge part of the external noise by up to 90%. Having said that, if you are playing loud

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