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Guide to Different Types of Commercial Roof Insulation

By insulating a commercial roof, you want to provide the necessary protection from weather conditions to both the property and the property’s contents (i.e., people or equipment). That one you could’ve guessed yourself. Additionally, residential and commercial roofs have another thing in common: they act as barriers between the internal building contents (the indoors) and the external (outside) elements. So, where to look for differences between the two? Also, are there different types of commercial roof insulation? We’ll start by answering the first question. What is commercial roof insulation? The first thing you should know is that a commercial roof consists of various layers, starting from roofing material all the way to vapour, decking, insulation, and other elements. The second one is this: a commercial roof differs from its residential sibling in the way that it’s insulated. For instance, in a residential property, you’ll most likely find batts and rolls,

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