Insulation R-value

Summer is the sensible time to be reviewing or renewing your winter insulation on your building. Insulation has become a confusing product to purchase with so many different products to choose from. Every product claims to do the job of insulation better than the other. So how do you choose? What is R-value? The fact is the higher the insulation R-value the better the performance of the insulation. Choosing has been made easier because of the R-Value of a product. What is R-Value it not the Rand value but is a measure of the thermal resistance of a product or material. This valuable number tells you how fast a product will lose heat and this is important in insulation. What is Insulation R-value? What is Insulation R-Value this is not difficult but be sure to get the correct R-value. The higher the R-Value the better the product it at insulating

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Solar Film

Solar Film Benefits

Before, looking into the Solar Film Benefits for windows is explored here. We need to look into what the solar film is exactly must be highlighted first in detail. Solar film is no other than a special material that is extremely lightweight and durable in the description. It can be placed on the inside of glass pane surfaces to help maintain the temperature of a home or building. It also helps to create a tint that gives off lots of privacy, protects the efficiency of the window itself, and greatly lessens the number of UV rays permitted to get inside. This powerful and transparent film helps control the harmful side effects of the sun on average. Solar Film Will Help Reduce The Impact Of The Sun Heat Solar film is a product that is treated with a variety of different compounds. Therefore, it can come in various forms, and some

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Energy Saving Tips

“Energy saving” is a phrase we all hear, every appliance we buy claims it and the government want us to apply it. We will have a good look at the best energy saving tips available. Winter is a cold, damp and dark time of year where electricity use increases and somewhere, somehow we all know we need to conserve power. We switch more lights on, we plug-in heaters, the tumble dryer works overtime. And all this increases our already high electricity bill. It does seem like an endless and impossible cycle. We need the power to stay warm, dry and even entertained but we need to use less of it when we think we are already doing all we can. This post is about a few energy-saving tips. In summer our homes are hot we cant sleep at night. As we know heat in the home is radiated into the

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Roof Vacuum and Ceiling Vacuum

Roof Vacuum And Dust Removal

Roof Vacuum Roof Vacuum is crucial in some of the older Cape homes. Homes built pre 1970 will have the danger of lead poison and other chemicals. These chemicals would have been airborne from industries pre-1970. The Dangers of Roof Dust Ever thought of cleaning your roof of dust when you do spring cleaning? You could be missing out on a vital area. Attic or roof spaces are often forgotten when homeowners attempt to make their home environment clean and hygienic. You may not know it, but your roof space could already be at its limit in terms of neglect. It may already be infested with dust mites, bat droppings and rat droppings. It could be littered with accumulated debris, sand, waste from bird nests and filled with toxins. All of these factors play a huge role when it comes to your family’s health and well-being. To avoid the adverse

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SANS Building Legislation

SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency in New Buildings The energy efficiency legislation for new buildings, SANS 10400-XA, has been published by the regulator (NRCS).  All new buildings will have to comply with the performance parameters.  This means that insulation will have to be installed to achieve the stipulated R-values. South Africa has been divided into six climatic zones according to their humidity and temperature variations: Climatic Zones in South Africa and the R-value Requirements – Roof Insulation and Geyser Insulation Requirements Each climatic zone has different R-value requirements for certain walls and ceilings.  The appropriate thickness and R-value of insulation for your climatic zone, correctly installed, will protect your home against the cold, heat and save electricity providing a comfortable, healthy, safe and quiet space for you and your family. Roof and Ceiling SANS 10400-XA Roof and Ceiling SANS 10400-XA Requirements – Roof Insulation Requirements as per Legislation Building envelope requirements

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