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Roof Vacuum

Roof Vacuum is very important in some of the older Cape homes. Homes built pre 1970 will have the danger of lead poison and other chemicals. These chemicals would have been airborne from industries pre 1970. Our roof vacuum machine is massive and stands outside the home.

This roof vacuum machine is also used to vacuum cellulose fibre insulation. The hose on this roof vacuum machine is 100mm so even dead rats and the likes will be sucked  out.

The Dangers of Roof Dust

Ever thought of cleaning your roof of dust when you do spring cleaning? You could be missing out on a vital area. Attic or roof spaces are often forgotten when homeowners attempt to make their home environment clean and hygienic.

You may not know it, but your roof space could already be at its limit in terms of neglect. It may already be infested with dust mites, bat droppings and rat droppings. It could be littered with accumulated debris, sand, waste from bird nests and filled with toxins. All of these factors play a huge role when it comes to your family’s health and well-being. Roof dust concerns must be immediately addressed to avoid its adverse effects.

Is Your Home Built Before 1970

If your building or home is built in the 70s, chances are that you’ll need a good roof dust cleaning. The ceiling dust may have already amassed harmful minerals such as asbestos, etc. Telltale signs such as black dust near cornices and cracks are evidences that the ceiling seals have already deteriorated. Additional damages such as water damage can force your ceilings to collapse and the roof to cave in. Your roof health is in danger if the ceilings, ceiling roses and cornices are in a state of utter deterioration. It presents a very possible health risk that can invade and contaminate your workspace or living space.

Other ways your roof can present a danger to your health are the following:

– Installation of a skylight or one that intrudes into roofing space in any manner.

– Putting in an attic ladder or installing insulation.

– Adding a new floor, i.e, second story additions and extensions.

– Home renovation which involves tearing down the cavity walls or demolition of your ceiling.

Professional help is available if you wish to remove all traces of dangerous roof dust in your home. You can keep it from spreading throughout the building or your home. Expert dust cleaners can ensure it does not affect the health of your family or employees.

Lead Poison in the Roof Space

Ceiling dust may contain harmful contaminants such as fungal spores, pesticide residues and asbestos. In years it can absorb lead and polycyclic hydrocarbons in the cavity walls and in the attic area. Older homes and buildings will most likely have these chemicals present in dangerous amounts.

Lead poison can get into our bodies in many ways:

– We breathe it in, along with the fumes, dust and lead in the air.

– We drink water or eat food which contain dangerous levels of lead.

– The accumulation of lead, and even very small amounts, can cause various health problems.

Other Roof Dust Dangers to Health

The concentration of dust found in roof space can also pose a myriad of serious health risks and issues. Lead dust can be inhaled by small children. It can stunt their developmental growth and their ability to learn. It can hold back their growth and cause attention and concentration-related behavior.

Lead absorption in adults can cause high blood pressure. As time goes on, it can cause greater problems such as nerve issues, memory loss and fits. Pregnant women are more at risk because their placenta is not protected from the harmful lead. Dust ceiling can trigger respiratory health problems such as asthma attacks, etc.

Health Hazards of Roof Rats And The Diseases They Carry

Roof rats health risks are present and an infestation usually means potential health risks from the following diseases, only to name a few:

Weil’s Disease. Also known as leptospirosis, this rat disease is spread via contact with rat urine. It can appear in the food people eat. The symptoms are similar to flu. Leptospirosis can also cause victims to vomit and develop jaundice.

Typhoid. In fact this disease passes on via the rat’s urine and fecal matter. Symptoms include rashes, diarrhea, sweating profusely and high fever.

Rat Bite Fever. This disease is most common in Asia. Some of the most telltale signs include pronounced inflammation and high fever.

Roof vacuum and Isotherm  ceiling insulation or Aerolite ceiling insulation on the same day. In fact we will do a roof vacuum as well as install on the sane day.

Roof Vacuum Cellulose Ceiling Dammage

Roof Vacuum of Cellulose fibre Blow in paper Insulation