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Aerolite specifications page is a guide line for builder as well as developers and home owners. Should you need any more info please give us a call or send a request from our website. Aerolite specification page will give the R-values of all Aerolite products as well as the R value including roof and ceiling. In fact the cost of Aerolite will be recovered in 2 to 3 years on energy saving.

In fact Aerolite is non combustable Class A/1 fire rating ( will not burn)

Manufactured from 80% recycled glass bottles and 20% naturally Silica sand.

Great thermal properties

SABS approved

Manufactured to ISO 9000 standards

Aerolite is a Fibreglass insulation

Lifespan of Aerolite is 15 to 20 years

Aerolite Specifications

Aerolite Specifications



The chart below gives the zones as indicated for all regions.

In fact it is compulsory for all new homes to install insulation as per this chart


Aerolite Specifications For Your Area

The map above will give the correct thickness and R value required for the whole of South Africa. As we know as of January 2013  all new homes must be installed with SANS compliant roof insulation. Aerolite Specifications page will give you the correct information to make the correct choice on the Aerolite Insulation that you will need. In order to be SANS compliant. The recommended R value for the Western Cape is the 135mm Aerolite Insulation achieving the R value 3.70 when installed. For the best Aerolite Insulation Prices through out South Africa give us a call and buy direct.